Why Sociality

Following several studies conducted in collaboration with both the business and social communities (corporates and NGOs) for over 5 years, the concept of developing professionally the social responsibility became the main target.
This concept was translated and adapted through the sustainable development of funds for NGOs, and the credibility and transparency of NGOs for Corporates, this is why and how Sociality was thought and born.
In addition ISO Institution, known globally as the most liable quality management criterion/system, issued standards related to social responsibility to improve the quality management system of all institutions / organizations.
From this perspective, we designed and launched a global networking system and platform aiming to link the professional world with the social responsibility and civil society in one hand, and support programs in the other hand.

Sociality Concept

Sociality is a professional social networking platform and directory which enables registered members, to establish, share, and document Socially Responsible initiatives as well as professional activities and create professional corporate connections. Sociality boasts a three-way interaction and collaboration system which links professional firms with each other, NGOs with fellow NGOs, as well as firms with NGOs thus bridging the communication gap between them and paving the way for the creation of a regional member network that raises the bar in the business world and endorses a progressive SR attitude.
Sociality’s members belong to various professional backgrounds, as the platform is open to any type of Company, Organization, Institution, or Association regardless of its business volume, scope of activities and geographical presence